Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lakeland Revival--A Witness to the World?

"I adjure you by BAM whom Paul preacheth, come out!"

*Acts 19:13 From the NAR Apostolic Prophetic Bible


*Canadian revivalist resigns from ministry over `unhealthy relationship´ with woman Click Here

*An Abbotsford-based faith healer who has polarized North American evangelicals has agreed to step down as the head of Fresh Fire Ministries after it was discovered he had an "unhealthy relationship on an emotional level" with a female staff member. Click Here

* Revivalist quits: Todd Bentley, the Canadian revivalist whose tactics drew protest from fellow Pentecostals, has resigned from public ministry after acknowledging an "unhealthy relationship on an emotional level" with a female staff member. Click Here

*Evangelist Can't Heal Marriage Click Here

*I am extremely disappointed in the article about evangelist Todd Bentley in Friday's Metro section. Instead of any attempt to show what many see as clearly fraudulent showmanship, the reporter spent the entire article pandering to Bentley's believers. In the process, he likely misled others in the community who want badly to believe that they could be healed by this snake-oil salesman. Click Here

*Well guess what? Bentley just got caught cheating on his wife, is getting a divorce and is leaving the ministry. It's Ted Haggard time, only this time it was with a woman according to the ministry's website: Click Here

*VANCOUVER -It wasn't his outrageous claims of raising the dead that finally landed Todd Bentley in trouble. Not the contradictory sermons, or even his criminal past. Not the face piercings, the neck-to-knee tattoos, the biker-dude lifestyle. His followers could live with all that; it was part of the act. Click Here

*John Arnott, founder and pastor of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and one of three pastors who have undertaken Todd Bentley's rehabilitation, mentioned in a letter on his Web site Sunday that in addition to the previously reported "emotional" attachment to a female staffer, Bentley was drinking excessively. You can read the full letter here, but here's the operative section: Click Here