Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Crowd's Appointed King

I recently read Andrew Strom's "What to Think Of Trump"; initiating a discussion about the Christian support of our new president to be--Donald Trump. Nothing remotely demonstrates Christian principles, let alone common values, from this man: his values range from misogynistic attitudes, contempt for people of color and other religions, along with textbook narcissism. The purported possibility of sexual assault is not unfounded given statements Trump has made in public.  White supremacists have flocked to him along with evangelical Christians. I think judgment of the United States with our self appointed Saul is gathering momentum.

But what concerns me is the "Wretched mess" Andrew Strom spoke of regarding the state of American Christianity.  The American Church has "placed" God into the Republican party as a tool. This way of gathering votes and initiating political mobilization is sin. A TOOL. A way to rally YOUR desires to see even perhaps a thug in the presidential office; whether to serve a desire to lower taxes or build walls to keep certain skin colors out--including Muslims!

OUR WE NOT TO REACH OUT TO ALL TO SHARE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST???? Do these targeted people think evangelicals supporting and vocalizing such ideas are sincere in their desire to reach them with something deemed so essential, which is salvation through Jesus Christ alone? Salvation is essential through Him alone! Open your eyes, they view it as HATE! Sadly, if American Christians examined their hearts sincerely a large number would see they are motivated by prejudicial and racist attitudes. You have right-wing American citizens in organizations on our soil today who pose a domestic threat--should we get rid of them too? Groups such as the KKK are viewed as a terrorist organization by most of the people they hate. Will anyone try to purge them out of the United States?

My God, our Lord, help us! When you wrap God into YOUR politics spewing offensive rhetoric many people see it as hate--not love. It as egregious as poisonous sap.  By the way, the Clintons and Kaine are Christians. I note the Democratic Party seems less likely to play the "God Card" to rally up voters than Republicans. Regardless whether its a Democrat or Republican president in office; moral oriented laws will still be dictated by the Supreme Court/state governments, as well as the overall beliefs of the population--Christian or not. Yet there will be further national degradation if not legislative and international mayhem via Donald Trump. Even darker days are here.

I prefer sincerity to hypocrisy myself. I know a lot of unbelievers do to. Jesus of Nazareth did not go about preaching politics. He preached salvation and repentance. Today, in the US, it will be scarce to find an evangelical church NOT telling someone how to vote. Black evangelical churches tend to focus on social causes as opposed to telling how their congregations to vote, which is acceptable. The political rallying and galvanizing political interests tends to be in the mega-churches consisting of a variety of races or the predominately white churches.

A total turn off to the unbeliever. To me too. the church in America has become self-serving. Additionally, Republican  evangelicals in America esteem themselves to be the voice of Christianity in America and that is a dangerous thing. This "voice" does not speak for me. And for a lot of other Christians, it is not their voice either. Yes, such "dissenting" Christians exist in America! Christians who do not want their churches wrapped up in mobilizing political support as an institution. Christians who believe their political actions should be personal and private, as opposed to advocating a facade of a "national political evangelical Christian voice".

Christians should vote. Non-Christians should vote. But do not wrap God as endorsing this godless candidate. Yes, he appoints "Kings"--even bad ones. The election of Trump has its purpose. But because He is a Republican does not equate he is godly. Keep in mind he did not win the popular vote, but the electoral college got him through as the winner. United States, your new king is here!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Easter Season And Update

My goodness!! I have been locked out of this account for close to two years! It is time to update!

I have to say my health is troubling me greatly--major afflictions are warring against me. These afflictions have consumed my life. I have not updated anything on my website for a long time, and no doubt it has little presence on the web. But for a while, the website ( stats showed it being listed in foreign search engines, even in the East! My hope is that people of all faiths, and atheists (which I used to be one) would hear my story--how I turned to Jesus Christ!

Christ desires all to come to Him, all to be saved. If you do not believe in Jesus, be honest with yourself there not an uneasiness in your spirit? It was in mine, even as an atheist, but I did not view the uneasiness in my conscious as a spiritual issue. A strange void of sorts.

My hope is to write and update the blog more often, but my battles have been preventing me--not to mention I could not regain access into my blog account. 

1 John 5:20

And we know that the Son of God has come, and has given us understanding so that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ This is the true God and eternal life. 

I hope to come back soon and post.