Friday, August 29, 2008

Homeless Neglected In Lakeland Revival’s “Sphere”

Apparently, just 100 or so yards away from Ignited Church in Lakeland Florida is a tent city of homeless people. True to form representing the character of those holding the revival; homeless people have been neglected and one homeless man—Brandt Russo-- has now been arrested due to Stephen Strader’s complaint. I mean, after all people, they are trying to hold a revival, and show the love of Jesus to the world! They haven’t got time for homeless and poor people, this is a revival for the “enlightened ones—orchestrated by the golden boys and girls of the apostolic prophetic sorts”, and people with fly away cash in their pockets. These homeless people are trying to make Ignited Church “look bad”, homeless and all, and needing help. (Please know, I am being sarcastic).Audacious! Do not the new age apostolic prophetic types need help? Help filling their greedy wallets and purses, help being puffed up as people look up at them all big-eyed and swirling in deceptive derision, and help to make sure television cameras take in their disorderly demonic swaggering? What would Jesus do? Kick them in the face? Call the police on them for trespassing in the camera’s eye? Lord have mercy on us! Below are some of the stories concerning what happened. This is not just a false revival problem either. I wrote on the plight of the homeless a few months ago, to read go here.

Brandt Russo Arrested!!
At 2 o'clock this afternoon, Brandt Russo was arrested at the request of the pastor of Ignited Church. He is being charged with trespassing on private property (church parking lot and swamp). Read more here

There Must Be Hope
Isn't it the Christ followers that claim we are able to "come as you are" ? Then what is happening? Lakeland, Florida is just one area that ridiculously unholy things are occuring to the ones Jesus specifically came for. Read more here.