Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Prophetic Apostolic Big Heads

I long resigned myself that this will never be a popular blog, nor will I ever be a popular person. I will just cut to the chase. I have a check "big time" in my spirit about significant portions of the prophetic apostolic "movement" and some of it's leaders of today. Could it be a big time check for spiritual "big heads"?

Do not get me wrong. I believe in modern day apostles and prophets. Oops, some of you are reaching for your mouses to move off of this page, yet understandably, as there is a lot of error and pride out there. There is also a lot of theological chains and religious mentalities which choose parts of the bible they like, and ignore or discount the parts unsavory to them.

Ephesians 4:11
And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers,

I can go on into Acts and point out New Testament prophets, not to mention Paul and Peter, and to other areas of the bible which speak of administrations and spiritual gifts in the Church. God has called forth apostles and prophets in today's Church. That is not my issue here. I believe it, as it is written in His Word.

The problem, I see is too many, in fact, perhaps the majority of these people are so caught up in themselves and their "prophetic experiences". I find myself nauseated with it. They literally cannot get enough of themselves. Other people don't exist in their world, unless they can either donate to them, or make them look good somehow. The Great Commission...is that two or three tier? Yet, I know some who are not after money, they are genuine, but i have to say, some real ones are caught up in the "We Are Larger Than Life Movement".

My dream, my vision, ....oh please Mr. Prophet...what does it mean?

Pray tell your dream, so that i can try to top it off with my dream! Well, laddie, your dream is incomplete, the egg represents the inception of what appears to be a series a dreams, and there will be a birthing in the spiritual realm. Now move away from the podium Brother, as a I am going to release a wad of anointing that is going to make people literally spit up their lunches! And everyone say "Amen" and bark two times! Ah the glory.

No. Enough. The Glory is God. The Glory is of God! Not to tickle the audience's ears, not of spectacles so that you leave exhausted and drunk, and no one knows what anyone said, what happened, but come and get blessed anyway! Some of it reeks of New Age, and they are so after changing names, new this and that, why not stick with what the Word says? There is no shame in being known as a prophet. But "readings", "mystics"...get away from me, You might be an on fire believer, but something is wrong somewhere! You know, names have meanings. Words, also convey meaning, and we are told to abstain from ALL appearance of evil. We cannot be all things to all people, and I am content to be a weird, bible toting non-world-conforming believer. A like weirdo led me, a former atheist, to the Lord.

Also present is the mentality that others cannot hear from God or just not as close to Him as they are. Secrets have been revealed to them, ya know. And then, some will read this and say "ah, tis jealousy". Not at all.

If His Spirit resides in you, you can hear from God and you are no more and no less important in His eyes. Yes, He may use a prophet to confirm something to you, but He speaks to all of us. You can inquire of Him yourself, and He will answer you in the way He sees fit.

They drink more of themselves than of God. The Lord Jesus Christ is almost secondary. Really. Is it about experiences or about Him? Is is about who you can tell the experience too and how you can exploit the daylights out it? What is more important? Sure, relish those Godly encounters, but is something getting lost in all of this?

I am going to write more on this, but time to get off the computer. Threat of tornadoes moving in, and we have been having a whale of a season.