Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Peanuts, Popcorn, and Healing!

Last night, I found a rather interesting article concerning the revival in Lakeland, Florida. These meetings have sparked heated debates in Christian circles, particularly concerning the ministry of angels. It is critical to stay in the Word, and let that be the gage by which we judge and discern things. Although these meetings in Lakeland smack of idolizing men and women as well as merchandising, *God has been known to use false prophets (Balaam was forced to bless Israel---Numbers 23 ), even a lying spirit for His purposes (I Kings 22). And He still uses real prophets today. If people are being healed by HIS power, it is a good thing, but man should not glorify himself for such miracles. On the other hand, some supernatural manifestations are man-made and at times even demonic. Another point---watch out for people deifying angels. Also Mohammed, the father of the Islam religion, claimed Gabriel visited him in some cave. It was an apparition appearing to him making this claim, as we know this was not a true visitation by God. Yet, angels are real, and people can experience visitations from them. There are many occurrences of this in the bible. Nevertheless, people can also open the door to spirit guides, even Christian people chasing such things.

I do not necessarily embrace all facets of the article “Is the Healing Revival in Florida God or Man”, but the author presents some interesting points worthy of reading. God still heals today, and He still works miracles. It also corresponds to what I wrote in “Chasing Supernatural Highs”. Click the link directly below to read the article.

Is the Healing Revival in Florida God or Man

*Also, I have just seen this article on a blog I have not been to before, and it has a very insightful prophetic word given in 1965 by Stanley Frodsham. In it, he later discusses ministers operating under the influence of seducing demonic spirits, and sadly, they fall prey to lies themselves. He prophesied "Then when they have gained the hearts of the people, then and THEN ONLY shall they bring out these wrong doctrines." Yet, I am of the opinion that many are not aware they themselves are deceived. But as the usual case, too many make a choice for notoriety, and a lust for power and recognition, and they don't dare question themselves. After all, what would happen to their empires? Click the link below to read this prophecy:

Prophetic Warning by Stanley Frodsham (1965)

*Back again...I am adding something else to this post. God is in no way looking to use false teachers, prophets, etc. but being God, He can make something good come out of a mess to meet the faith and expectation of one who believes in Him. He may also use such events to expose error in the Church.