Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Masters At Manipulation

I recently departed from an apostolic prophetic ministry, of which I was a part of for several years. God is so awesome, in His infinite wisdom, He spared me from a great deceptive and manipulative force. I do believe God has set forth apostles and prophets in the Church, because it is written in His Word. The Word of God is the final authority in all things. I also believe that pastors, teachers, evangelists, as well as others in ministry need finances to run their ministries, so they can do what God has called them to do. But I want to send out a warning, and it is with great sadness I write these things.

Matthew 24:24
For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect

This will come to no surprise to the reader, that many in leadership positions are manipulating other believers for money, for ungodly sexual reasons, for time, for marketing purposes, and for idolatrous adoration. Like I said, no surprise at all. Keep in mind (when reading the next few paragraphs) people do repent and turn from past sin; but I want to set forth an example of one way manipulation like this works. I also know because I myself was manipulated, and had I done my homework on some of the prophetic people this minister was aligned to, I would had left his ministry a long time ago. I have been reading other accounts of how people have been manipulated particularly by those in apostolic, prophetic, and pastoral leadership positions.

What would make women disrobe for someone in authority over them? Why would they do it? Manipulation. Deception.

Manipulation often works through injecting an element of fear, and almost always an element of deception. Manipulation involves selfishness, it disregards the need of others, and is void of integrity. It attempts to control people, and these are all elements present in exercising witchcraft. The people doing these things are opening doors for evil spirits to operate through them and their ministries. Hence, it is of no surprise that demonic manifestations may be released through their ministries. Below is a hypothetical conversation. Something like this has really happen before (and surely occasionally as well with other abusive leaders), although this popular deceptive “prophet” claims to have repented, and that may well be the case. Hope to God, at least.

“If you really want to please God, you will hearken unto His most humble servant now. I have heard from the Lord concerning you. Your obedience in this will determine not only the course of your relationship with Him, but it will determine if you will fulfill the assignment He has purposed you to do. Your standing naked before Him will demonstrate your openness to Him. He wants me to stand with you, and relay to you what He is saying….”

Uh, hello. I am telling you out there, anyone tells you to do something that goes against His word, that is indecent, that involves manipulation, lacks integrity, involves deception, and distortion is sinning against the Almighty God and is engaging in deception! There is an element of brainwashing here. Injected with fear, and by the manipulation of their emotions; some people have complied to such demands.

Do you suppose the targeted person (in this “hypothetical” case a woman) may fear missing God, and now has hundreds of thoughts racing in her mind? Here is her mentor, she does not want to stand there naked, it just does not sound right. She has always looked up to this “man of God”, and has learned much from him (error of course). What if he heard from God? Would God demand such? (No, He would not). What would happen to her relationship with her mentor, her spiritual leader? Will her relationship with him end?

Hopefully. Good riddance.

Another thing, when you question the abusive power figure, they turn the situation around by asserting how you have overstepped your boundaries, how you have sinned against God. On one forum I was reading, a woman and her husband confronted their pastor on gross error, and this is exactly what happened to them. They found themselves apologizing repeatedly to him, yet they were right, and their pastor was in error. I too found myself repeatedly apologizing to my “mentor” who accused me of having an anger problem when I decided to leave his ministry. He accused me of betrayal and would not communicate with me after I told I was leaving save writing a very prideful letter. He also knew I was going through a terrible time physically. I left his ministry because I needed to, as I fully believe God wanted me out of it. He is involved with the Lakeland revival in Florida and links himself to several questionable so-called "prophets". I have noticed, certain people who have come to discern error, where taken out of the snares of a false and/or deceived prophetic ministry themselves. For this I thank the Lord Jesus Christ.

And the lying ‘word of knowledge’ ones and the telethon ones. These require a barf bucket if you are going to watch them for more than a few minutes. Now we know “words of knowledge” are a true gift from God, because it is written in the bible, (1 Corinthians 12:8 ). But so many just make up stuff, and equally alarming, some have opened themselves up to divining spirits. The generalists are quite easy to spot in their falsehoods.

Mr. Prophet:
“God is saying, there is someone watching today, and you are tired. You have asked the Lord several times for direction, yet the answer has not come. I believe He is saying, if you plant a $200.00 dollar miracle seed, your answer will come in two hundred hours. He is saying “obey Me, my child with this seed. For it is a period of testing”.

Treacherous skunk. How many people are going through something? How many people are waiting on the Lord for something. You say, well this is why you need discernment. True, but does it make it any less sinful? Any less treacherous? And what if you are a new Christian, desperate, or just deceived? This does not excuse their pimping behavior at all! SUCH MINISTERS ARE MANIPULATING PEOPLE!!! This kind of stuff injects fear into many people, and they respond out of fear and send money to these thieves. They fear the charlatan’s “word” is for them, they fear missing God, they fear disobedience; and the enemy whispers in their ear “it’s your last chance”.

Then you have some which step out a little more, yet hundreds of people are likely going through the same problem as well. Many will therefore think, can this word be for me?

Mr. Prophet: “I sense in my spirit, there is a single mother watching right now. Not too long ago you finished doing the dishes, and you were thinking, ‘when will this trial end?’ The Lord says if you plant a $300 seed into Pimptime Ministries, you will see the chains come off. But you most obey and take that step of faith today.”

Sad to say, I think many of these people have elevated themselves upon man-made thrones, and think they are exempt to living by the standards set forth in God’s Word. Holiness is a cheap buzzword in their circles, it sounds good and conveys a form of godliness. Not to mention their apostolic and prophetic authority allows them to put a “new” spin on things (so they think). I see a lot of rationalizing in these circles, a lot of compromise, because a lot of the “new thing” God is doing is really “their thing”. And “their thing” is inspired by satan.

Malachi 3:6
For I am the LORD, I change not;