Thursday, May 1, 2008

Angry At God?

Well, the hacking saga continues. I have learned some of these vandalizers use php scripts to get into your website, and as such was the case with me. However, they got into my cpanel and my files are rigged so i have not been able to undo any damage yet. Unfortunately, the hackers have been a set back, but I believe the Lord to turn this around.

So many people are angry at God, they don't even know why. They shake their fists in the air at a God they don't believe in, which of course, their actions contradict their thought life. I remember one time, as a former atheist, I looked up at the sky and I said, "I wish You were real". Such blindness from the god of this world! I will be brutally honest, I didn't want to turn from my sin. If I started to believe in God, what would happen? Would I need to change? Stop smoking and cussing? No more joints and horror flicks?

What is so awesome, is when you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you don't have to worry about finding strength to change you life. You don't have to be "good" to come to Him. His Spirit in you is all you need. When I got born again, I wanted to change. He will give you a "want to". And I never missed those things in my life. He did a real work in me, in one month i beated a 21 year smoking habit, stop watching trash tv and never missed it. The cussing took a while, but His grace is sufficient. And I can say, and if these hackers where honest with themselves too..., I was so angry at God, mainly for my past...a rough childhood. Many people don't even realize they are angry at God, its deep seated and hidden. Satan is a master at orchestrating blame towards God for the bad things of this world, of which he is the perpetrator. He also tries to suppress the Gospel message from reaching others, even using hackers to do his dirty work.