Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Covert Messiah?

Ironically, it has been longed argued by nonbelievers that Jesus was a revolutionary coming against the Roman political system---a political argument. Below an article concerning an unbeliever's argument that the government of Rome invent Jesus as a form of control--a political argument. The unbeliever will continue to flip coins and seek confirmation that God does not exist and that judgment does not exist. Yet by worldly standards, relying on one source of work will hardly be sufficient to even skeptical historical scholars, no more than a small sample to a research team.

For the unbeliever, ways of confirming nonexistence of God is paramount---why so? Why do others take little pain to "disprove" other religions, but spend years trying to "prove" that the Lord Jesus Christ does not exist? He bothers the unbeliever greatly, and they need to question why. They seek an elusive foreign comfort in finding others who believe like they do, forming organizations to disprove the existence of God, and ever entangling Him in political theories. There are spiritual unseen forces, and the nagging answer lies within. If it bothers you to hear His name, Jesus, more than other religions--ask yourself why. If you can tolerate to hear about other religions but hate to hear about Christianity ask yourself why does it bother me more?


Self-Professed ‘Bible Scholar’ Makes Explosive Allegation About Jesus....
By Billy Hallowell
The Blaze

On Oct. 19, self-professed Biblical scholar Joseph Atwill is planning to make public some very flammable allegations. At a day-long symposium called "Covert Messiah" in London, England, he's set to unveil purported evidence that Roman aristocrats manufactured Jesus Christ - a claim that, if substantiated, would devalue the core of the Christian faith.

The only problem? Most Biblical experts disagree with the scholar's pronouncements.

A press release announcing the purported new evidence claims that Atwill has discovered "ancient confessions" that purportedly prove that Romans invented Jesus Christ in the first century. He has long argued that the faith system was used as a political tool to control the masses -- something he says is still going on today.

"I present my work with some ambivalence, as I do not want to directly cause Christians any harm, but this is important for our culture," he said of the alleged debunk - one that he believes will eventually be universally accepted.

In the release, Atwill said that governments often create "false histories and false gods" and that this is often done in an effort to secure social order.

Rather than a theology, Atwill believes that Christianity was concocted as a government project that was used to control Roman citizens. During a time in which Jewish residents were waiting for their Messiah, he says they were a constant source of insurrection, leading the Romans to seek out an equalizing and tempering force.

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