Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Walmart Healings Video

I was encouraged and delighted last week when I viewed a video distributed via email from Andrew Strom's ministry regarding miracles in America. Then sadly, Andrew Strom recently sent a followup email about people being suspicious and skeptical of the miracles and accounting shown on the video. I agree with Mr. Strom's position--I do think people's hearts and minds have become hardened to miracles because of some of the things we witnessed with Todd Bentley, and other like-fellows. Miracles do happen, and healings still happen today!! And such miracles will open the eyes of some people to the Truth of the Gospel--just as it did in the early Church. I am posting both emails from Strom's ministry--the one sent out first with the video link is directly below, then the followup is next.


VIDEO - MIRACLES at WALMART - Please Watch!!

Torben Sondergaard is an old friend of mine from Denmark - apreacher of righteousness who often sees God do amazing miracles on the streets. Recently he was visiting America and
saw God do wonderful healings in the open air right across theUSA - even in Walmart! He believes a new "Reformation" iscoming to the church. Please share this wonderful video as
widely as you can-

God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.


by Andrew Strom

Last week we published a video of an old friend of mine, Torben Sondergaard, as he prayed for the sick on the streets and in the supermarkets of America. The deaf were healed and the lame walked - right on camera. But some people who saw the video reacted quite badly. Maybe it was the fact that the video started with "legs growing out" instead of the more impressive healings -I don't know. But it seems there is a lot of cynicism out there.

I have actually known Torben personally for 5 or 6 years. I havestayed in his home and spent time with his family. I know hiswritings and his preaching. To me, he is one of the few preachers
in Denmark who fully represents the gospel as it should bepreached. He stands for repentance, holiness and reformationin a way that made us "click" together like old friends right away.
So it really upsets me to hear all the accusations people aremaking - who don't know the first thing about him.


Since the Todd Bentley debacle and other waves of "Charismania" in recent times, it is very easy to become cynical about healings and miracles, etc. I can understand that. But I have
always been very clear that true healings, prophecies, dreams, visions and miracles should be absolutely EXPECTED as a totally normal part of everyday Christian life. In fact, without them
it is very doubtful that we have true "Bible" Christianity at all. So it deeply grieves me to see people getting so cynical that they "nitpick" every instance of the supernatural or the gifts of the
Holy Spirit to death. It has got to the point where I can hardly post any of these things on my website without rafts of cynical comments that try to pick apart every aspect of them.

My friends, that is not discernment. It is the spirit of "writing off everything." It is unwarranted accusation and nit-picking. It is the"other ditch" on the far side of the road. Some fall into the ditch of "hyper-grace" and 'hyper-charismania'. Others fall into the opposite ditch of Legalism and "cynicism of anything supernatural". Both of these ditches are equally dangerous. It is just as deadly to become the type that "accuses first" and asks questions later. A very dangerous cynicism takes hold at that point. Just like the Pharisees. I think a lot of people need to repent.

We cannot just be focused on what is "wrong". At some point we have to be about establishing what is 'right'. We have to go forward into the "True" thing. Not just be exposing the False.
And the time has come to start in that direction.

I believe Torben has been shown a number of things that are truly "revolutionary" - but also very simple - about getting back to New Testament Christianity. Literally "what to do" to get
back there. That is why he and I agree on so many things. But Torben is actually seeing it work IN PRACTICE. It is actually happening. New Testament Christianity - right before your eyes.
So I am going to be featuring a lot more of Torben's stuff on here.

Let me give you an example. Torben believes in taking new Christians out on the street very quickly to pray for the sick and share the gospel. He believes this is a vital part of true "disciple-
ship". Just like Jesus did with his own disciples. On my website I have just posted a brief video where Torben discusses the amazing things that happen when this is done.

Please take a look. You will be glad you did. Here is the link-

God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.