Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quantum Mix Of Error

I am posting an important warning received via email from Andrew Strom's ministry.  There is another disturbing new age twist coming from people associated with the Elijah List concerning energy, vibrations oil and quantum conjecture.  This group is mainly composed self appointed prophetic people and has caused great error to spread throughout the church from its inception. It has strong NAR (New Apostolic Reformation ties) and has repeatedly brought forth a yucky stew of new age practices, aggrandizement and national political agendas in one ugly pot.

Sadly, it has become increasingly difficult in United States, even in Tulsa, to find a church which discounts the new prophetic Elijah List crowd and NAR; but still believes in a God who is unlimited, who indeed heals and does not demand you pony up money for it. Hard to find a church which speaks in tongues, yet does not have people rolling on the floor shrieking, barking and jerking side to side as if they reside in an electric socket. Hard to find a church which offers prayer in their major services; yet people come in off the street seeking ministry and the sick sometime less so. Hard to find a church which has a true heart towards the poor, absent of judgmental attitudes, and not engaged in bashing the President of the United States when they should be preaching, teaching, and living the Word of God.  

Enough of my thoughts. Here is the article:

-by Andrew Strom.

People need to be warned about this. Seriously. The Elijah List is the biggest "Prophetic" email list on the planet. It goes out to tens of thousands of Charismatic Christians around the globe. We have had cause to warn people about the Elijah List several times in the past, but a week ago they published one of their most "New Age" articles that I have yet seen.

The article was called 'A "Quantum" Change' by Kari Browning (designed to get people to buy the related books, of course). Here are some major extracts:

'A "Quantum" Change' by Kari Browning...

"There is great understanding coming to the Church about the quantum realm, and I believe it will help facilitate the change that has been prophesied. Albert Einstein said everything is energy. Remember his formula E=mc squared? He believed that energy and matter were interchangeable. Everything is vibrating energy, including our bodies. Every word and every thought carries a certain vibrational frequency...

It can be scientifically documented that everything has either positive or negative frequencies. Foods even have frequencies. Fresh food has a higher frequency than processed foods. On the other hand, coffee has a negative frequency. Prayer actually raises a person's frequency by 15 MHz. If our frequency gets low, we get sick...

God provided a way to raise our frequencies by using essential oils. These oils were used Biblically for medicinal purposes. The oils were not used symbolically as we have come to believe, but these oils had healing properties. For example, hyssop is a releaser of swallowed emotions and a spiritual cleanser. Prayer and essential oils together are a powerful combination, as both raise our frequencies."

ANDREW STROM AGAIN:  Someone needs to let the Elijah List know that they are (yet again) promoting pure "New Age" junk to the Body of Christ. As if "Ekstasis" dancing, portals, gold dust, 'angel feathers', fire tunnels and spiritual drunkenness were not enough. Now we have "vibrations", special 'frequencies' and healing oils being promoted in the church.

Does it really require that much "discernment" to see that these people have simply taken obvious 'New Age' techniques (not found in the Bible) and are repackaging them for gullible Christians? Where will it all end? How "New Age" do things have to get?

At the close of the article, the Elijah List adds:
"Kari Browning, 'New Renaissance'.
Kari Browning and her husband, Mike, have been involved in church planting for over 25 years. They are about to open a Healing and Creativity Center. This center will focus on releasing creativity and teaching on wellness. Kari has traveled nationally and internationally as a conference speaker."

It then goes on to promote Kari's next speaking event, which is entitled "Global Call School of the Prophets" with Bill Hamon as the main speaker - along with other 'prophets'. Thus we have the "Prophetic" Movement to thank (yet again) for this latest New Age deception to enter the church. Very sad. People need to be warned about this, my friends.