Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seed Faith--Youtube Video

I recently saw this video on youtube which takes a look at the prosperity gospel-- specifically manipulation of the present day Church to gain money by distorting the "parable of the sower". The seed is the Word of God--the seed in the parable was not referring to money. Surely such seed faith "appears" to work every once in very long while; or you see stories of a "100 fold harvest" plastered in glossy ministry magazines. Stories will be published about the few out of several hundred thousands who threw their money away for some preacher to sustain his/her personal jet. I want to point out, that many of these greedy minisiters will say "perhaps, child of God, you lacked faith for your harvest, doth you did not see a return". Therefore, one should say, "Hey, it's a formula--you don't need faith for it to work." (Besides, have they not left God out of it?)