Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pierce Appeals Finances For Wagner

*Here is a message from major super apostle Chuck Pierce regarding Global Harvest Ministries; sent out by email yesterday. The ministry is seeking financial contributions. The contributions might aid the ministry in teaching classes about the transfer of wealth, and exploding your finances! Hmmm. Notice how the new apostolic prophetic lingo is ever present in this letter! Realignment, paradigms, major shifts, dominion ---yep, it cranks it out. Maybe Wagner’s ministry need the finance anointing oils which some of his false apostles and prophets sell. Dab enough on, and glisten like a neon sign saying “Give me your money”. Here is the letter below. I have made bold a few words and phrases.

A Message from Chuck
March 11, 2009
Dear Friends of Global Harvest:

When I was teaching this past week on Purim, I thought of three distinct areas linked with timing in the Book of Esther. Those three areas are: Carnality, Crisis, and Change! We all seem to be in the midst of a crisis time. During this time there are choices on how each of us must make necessary changes!

Global Harvest Ministries, like most ministries, is in a great process of transitional change. With every transitional season, we go through a time of death, then confusion, and finally break into our order for the future. Many times we try to set order first, instead of trusting the creative power of the Lord to make us think in new ways and then reestablish order.

Through the years, so many of us have been led by Peter and Doris Wagner into creative paradigms. I do not know any couple in ministry who has remained as steadfast in encouraging the Body of Christ to change at God's appointed times. They have led us through major shifts in healing, spiritual warfare, prophetic and apostolic reformation, deliverance, the understanding of the great wealth transfer, and realignments for Kingdom advancement. They are now staying focused in societal transformation. Peter is writing his memoirs, so all of this should be recapitulated for us so we never forget how we came into the way we think now.

Physically, Doris went through her most difficult season last year with foot surgeries that caused her to be homebound for almost six months. Peter had shoulder surgery this past week and will be mending until we leave for China at the end of April.

They have given so faithfully to help all of us advance. Now is our turn to give back. As I visited with them and reviewed their financial needs this week, I found that they actually needed $210,000 to take them through April 15.

This will help them get through until we shift many things for their future. I am working on Global Spheres, Inc. This ministry is a Kingdom aligned ministry of key apostles, prophets, and intercessors. We will glean all we can from Peter and Doris to develop harvest strategies for the Body in days ahead.

However, we must help them NOW, through this transition until they realign their resources for the future. I know what the Lord impressed me to do this month. Please ask how you can bless them for the blessings they have given to help you move forward. You can give by following the instructions at the end of this letter.

Below, you will find their top five ministry priorities and comments listed.

  • Equip the body of Christ for the warfare ahead through conferences across the Nation. This year, we feel we should concentrate on the basics.
  • Expand the borders of Wagner Leadership Institute. We are training hundreds and hundreds of leaders both from the Church and from the workplace both in the US and 16 other nations of the world.
  • Provide leadership and biblical alignment for today's apostles through the International Coalition of Apostles and Eagles Vision Apostolic Team.
  • Increase membership and raise the water level of responsible deliverance ministry through the International Society of Deliverance Ministers.
  • Mobilize the army of God to receive the great transfer of wealth from the unrighteous to the godly for the purpose of advancing God's kingdom, reforming society and regaining rightful dominion of God's creation.

We love and appreciate you.

Chuck D. Pierce