Friday, December 5, 2008

Update: Death of Walmart Employee

A week ago, I wrote about a worker trampled by people at a Long Island Walmart on Black Friday. Apparently some members of his family have decided to sue Walmart; asserting the circular issued by Walmart promoting sales items on Black Friday created an atmosphere conducive to instigating frenzied behavior. Now my heart goes out to the family, I truly feel for their loss, BUT I personally do not believe its Walmart fault that certain individuals behaved like barbarians. Would you like to meet such a group at any sale? I sure wouldn’t. No, something is wrong when people are so selfish, so motivated by materialistic desires, they trample over a man and never look back as he laid there dying. Granted, Walmart is motivated by making profits—-as they are all year round. Yet, I would think if this family sued anyone; it should be the murderous stampeders as opposed Walmart. I know others were injured themselves, pushed in this sea of greedy self-centered mayhem, whereas some could had care less. Go after them, I say. Nevertheless, in this family’s pain, I understand their anger. I just think its misdirected. To me its like excusing the people who trampled upon him without concern. That’s my take for now…unless new information arises to persuade me otherwise.