Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What if Manifestations Don't Stop??

*Here are some testimonies regarding evil spirits people picked up from various interactions thought to be Christian and beneficial. We have to be careful about who lays hands on us, what we watch and listen too. The other day I was watching junk from mystic John Crowder on YouTube and there is such a tremendous darkness around him; and I could only tolerate a few minutes. I am not just going by what I perceived in my spirit, one only need to listen to some of the crap he preaches.

Below, as posted in email by Andrew Strom of Revival School:


(1) Geri McGhee writes:
I received the following email from a child of God who has been victimized by "soaking" in what she was told was the Holy Spirit. Perhaps, there are others of you who are being tormented after an experience with what you thought was the Holy Spirit; when in reality, you were taken captive by a demonic spirit(s)...

"Dear Geri: I remember going to some meetings where they believed in all of this that you have mentioned in your message on "soaking". I have experienced the shaking, tingling, electrical sensation going through my body, along with various other things that they said was the Holy Spirit, not realizing that it is the Kundalini spirit... Have you ever delivered anyone from this horrible spirit and is it hard?

I have the cold sensations over my head, tingling, electrical sensations going through my body, I can feel a serpent like movement all over my back, I have this shaking when I pray, I feel movement over my head, genitals, legs, etc, the list goes on and on.

You may share my testimony because I have struggled with this for many years and no one has been able to help me. I have done some research on this spirit, and what I have found is the very same thing that you have told me. I just recently visited a church where they brought back the impartation of TODD BENTLEY and passed it on to some people including me, not knowing what I was getting into. All of these manifestations are present at his services as well. I can feel it in my chest, on my back and it is a horrible crawling serpent sensation..."

(2) "I WAS DELIVERED" - 'Revival-Fire'

I have a recent testimony of deliverance that may be helpful to some people.

In 2003 I ended up in a Toronto Blessing type meeting, I was a youthworker for a Christian organisation at the time. I had some spiritual experiences during this season at the Toronto type church. Something was transferred to me during this time. How do I know?

During this season God had begun to work in the lives of the young people I had been ministering to... After my Toronto meetings, when I now shared at the youth groups spiritual phenomena began to take place. Laughter broke out, some felt drunk, others would feel like slumping on the floor when I prayed. At the time I didn't understand it, some of it concerned me, but I didn't want to quench it if it was God. One thing that did concern me was that one of the young people who got 'drunkenness' for a couple of days, wasn't even saved.

Anyway, I've always had a love for the word of God, good doctrine and truth. Some of the things in the Toronto stuff never sat right with me. I did think there where some new age influences. I did relax on the manifestations though and I have laughed, shook, jerked and 'whoooooaaaaahhhhhed' with the best of them. Since that point I was a defender of 'Toronto'.

When Lakeland kicked off I was hopeful, however having graduated from theological college, I was now more 'skeptical' about healing ministries. Don't get me wrong. I believe in healing, however mass hype and hysteria and unsubstantiated claims caused me to be wary. I began to research Lakeland, Bentley, etc... As I read the articles, etc, I began to become more and more convinced that I had allowed myself to come under a false spiritual environment.

Having had hands laid on me by many Toronto people I began to wonder about impartation and what I had received. One day while out in the town some American Indians where doing some of their Native Music on the streets. I stopped to listen and as I listened I began to feel movement in my gut. The movement I felt was very
similar to what I would feel during times of 'praise and worship'. I thought to myself, Why is my spirit being moved (in an enjoyable way) by this pagan music? At this point I began to wonder about what sort of spirits I had opened myself up to.

Anyway, the 'new mystics' meeting that I ended up at last week (I didn't know that is who they were) caused me to still feel that something wasn't right. Although my eyes had been opened to the deception, I still felt there was still a spiritual tie. I say this because my 'sprit' would respond to what was happening in the meeting at times even though it was obviously chaotic. Also during worship some people came up while I was worshipping and prayed for me. Again I felt that this wasn't good.

The few days that followed this meeting where pretty awful emotionally. I felt drained, down and depressed. I then remembered that this is how I would often feel when I would come out of the Toronto meetings. In those days I would interpret this as God bringing negative stuff to the surface to deal with things. However as this began to happen again I began to doubt that this was the case. I also found it hard to pray and read the word.

Anyway, while in bed, a few nights later, my wife was led to begin to pray for me. As she was praying while laying hands on my stomach she saw 'a little black thing'. However she noticed that the little black thing was held tight and gripped by a fist. As she prayed it left. She did not tell me this until the morning.

After she had prayed I felt better, went to sleep and woke up the next day much lighter. She then told me what she had seen.

How I interpret it is like this: Through the laying on of hands and opening myself up to a deception the enemy had got access.

Recent events caused me to see the truth of the deception regarding the spirit at work, my eyes where opened but there was still a spiritual tie on the inside (probably due to transference).

The fact that it was held tight by a fist caused me to believe that the spirit had been 'bound' but that I had not been delivered. Perhaps this binding of the spirit is what has caused me to see the truth, however deliverance did not come until my wife prayed. Anyway, ever since this experience I have found that a lot of 'things' have 'lifted off me'.

(3) "A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE" - Debylynne

"'Revival-fire' - I found your post very interesting, especially when you talked about the "responses" you would feel and sense in yourself to things that you knew were not of God (ie. Indian music) and how similar they were to what you "felt" in response to "god" in these services. I have had the same experiences and it has really troubled me. Even when I was watching the clips about the Kundalini and I would "feel" myself begin to respond and "jerk" and "twitch" and shake and I would turn it off immediately because that rather "freaked me out". I have never been to Toronto, nor have I had "direct" contact with anyone that has been there - but I have watched the stuff on God TV and I have "laid hands" on the TV screen to "receive" and I thought it was ALL of God.

I have repented wholeheartedly, but I wonder if there is still something on the inside of me that needs stronger action taken against it. I have not had my husband pray for me concerning this, but I believe that I WILL..."

ANDREW RESPONDS: It is vital to understand that every Christian believer has God-given authority over their own "temple" so-to-speak. Yes - it is important to repent before God with true "godly sorrow" if you have opened yourself up to these spirits. But it is also vital to know that you can COMMAND these things to go in the name of Jesus Christ! I often talk about RENOUNCING" things from the very depths of your being. It is not just with your 'mouth only'. You are rejecting and expelling these things with every part of you - spirit, soul and body - in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. And they WILL go! The same applies to other areas of darkness in people's lives. If you suffer from depression or a bad temper or any other form of darkness that you can't seem to get rid of - COMMAND it gone from the very depths of your being in Jesus' name! I refer to these things as "strongholds" rather than 'demons'. And I have seen people utterly delivered of things they thought were "ingrained" in them - just by deeply and forcefully COMMANDING them gone in the mighty name of Jesus. Try it! Don't delay. "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds" (2 Cor 10:4).

God bless you all!

Andrew Strom.