Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mystics and Garbage

I recently had a chance to see the two following videos on You Tube for the first time. In my dial up world, I have to rely on other households and libraries to see anything on You Tube, but I had heard of how atrocious these were. It’s an understatement. I am glad several days have passed since I saw it, because I would had wrote even more angry.

This is ridiculous. John Crowder wins “Hey--I am larger than life ” award for me this month. Absolute disrespect for a Holy God. Nothing hip or endearing about it. “Tokin the Ghost”.

Folks, God is God. We can’t re-write Him. He is as He is. As I was watching these videos, I thought of the reverence Jesus had for the Father. I thought of John on Patmos falling at the feet of Jesus as if a dead man, the reverence and the appreciation of His Holiness. But this goes beyond a question of reverence, it is false preaching, teaching, and stinking worldly compromise.

*The embedding feature of this second one has been disabled, so click the link below to watch: