Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Come and Get “Some”

Come and get “some”? “Some” of what? Who is “some”? You cheap hucksters, could you be talking about the Lord God Almighty, the King of Kings Himself?

Come and get “some”…BBQ? A piece of whoredom? Something sexual?

He is a Holy God. Holy. Not a “some”. “Some” is not part of His character. What you charlatans speak of in this revival is not Him. The “some” is you.

Therefore, the question is what is “some” in the light of that context?

“Some” is an anointing straight from Hell.
“Some” is sapphire dust and Crisco oil dvds in the foyer.
“Some” is lying signs and wonders to titillate the senses, and reaches the pocket books.
“Some” is a rocking good time til our heads swim, and we think we feel His Presence.
“Some” is a state of temporary euphoria to divert the pain in our bodies.

You think you respect Him, but you respect yourselves more. You charlatans, you regard yourselves higher than Him. You dilute the Word, and discard the Truth…and spin a tale around it. Then you try to call this charade in Lakeland Florida a revival. You have become a parade of devils. You will read this and laugh at it, and say “we do God service”. NO, you do yourselves service. You might fool thousands, even yourselves, but He cannot be fooled. He is looking for those to worship Him in spirit and in Truth. These want the Spirit (I must say some want His Spirit—not all there do), but they do not want the Truth.