Saturday, February 6, 2010

Video: Kundalini Spirit In Christianity

Why are we buying (and often literally throwing money) into this stuff? Wake up people. We are dealing with the doctrine of devils, and many are steeped in deception. To the drum beat please-- they perform...these so called prophets for sale! Orchestrated for media, and to divination it is! I got to add these people are clearly under the influence of evil spirits! This video grieves my spirit to the max and I hope you are grieved when you see this. If you are not grieved, then you are deceived. Seek Him to lead you from deception. I am on dialup so I do not get to see a lot of the videos out there, but just seen this in entirety this morning. This is a video of an "event" from Morning Star Ministries.

Entitled: Kundalini Spirit In Christianity