Friday, November 20, 2009

Abuse By Two Leaders

*This is truly a pathetic and evil crime: Two spiritual leaders assocaited with Greek and Coptic Orthodox churches--raped women needing curses removed from the lives of their families. These thugs made women undressed to supposedly acheive results of casting out devils and removing curses. Note the involvement of an "angel" here--does this story remind you of a certain group out there about proclaiming angelic anointings? One NAR guy out there today, still highly esteemed in his prophetic circles--also "once" ordered women to get naked to acheive spiritual results. It is the last days, and bad leaders and self-appointed leaders abound. And let me say, if they are manipulating for sexual purposes, you will find them manipulating for other reasons as well: money, recognition, and for other objectives which serve them.

Folks, if somone commands you to go against the Word of God, or any notion of human decency--do not do it. A spiritual leader suggests an act which permeates boundaries of modesty and decency, or an act which is criminal, or lacks integrity--do not question yourself as being at fault. Such manipulative attempts involve deceiving others and is always-- although not evident, self serving. Ok, now to my first cup of coffee for the day. The article below:


Black magic rape a cure, court hears

By Larissa Cummings, the Daily Telegraph

THEY were told to bring clippings of body hair to prayer sessions in hotel rooms, where self-professed angel "King Russell" was to rid them of an evil curse that hung over their families.

But the two women were not to tell the angel's wife or anyone else about the secret healing sessions, which he said had to occur while they were naked.

Details of the bizarre rituals Tony Golossian, 62, and Arthur Psichogios, 39, allegedly subjected their victims to before drugging and raping them can now be revealed, after the men were yesterday committed to stand trial in the District Court. They are accused of almost 100 sex offences relating to the two women, who believed they were leaders in the Greek Orthodox and Coptic Orthodox churches.

The first victim was allegedly raped by the men at hotels in Sydney and the Central Coast between 2001 and 2005, while the second woman said she was assaulted during three prayer sessions in 2008.

Psichogios's wife Frances is also charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault and using an intoxicating substance to commit an offence in relation to the second victim.

Golossian and Psichogios allegedly pocketed between $70,000 and $100,000 from the first woman for the "therapy" which she believed would rid her family of a black magic curse.

Crown documents tendered to a committal hearing for Psichogios at Burwood Local Court said both women were told to shave and bring the clippings to prayer sessions, where Golossian burnt the hairs before giving the women food and drink which was allegedly drugged.

They were allegedly blindfolded and told not to fight whatever happened to them during the prayers and that it would feel "100 per cent real, but it was 100 per cent a dream".

Golossian, Psichogios and his wife will stand trial in the District Court. All remain on bail.

*Read an additional article for more details on these crimes here: