Monday, October 19, 2009

Healing River With Demonic Currents

Whoa Nelly! Has God been suppressed all this time, waiting for money and power driven prophets to get a healing flow out a "symbolic river" of His power? Or is it"their" power? And if it is "their" power, I advise no part of it, lest we drown! For where is "their" power from? Yes, God still heals and delivers today, but with out added bondage and fees. From Peter Wagner of Global Harvest Ministries: an advertisement email concerning a healing and deliverance conference:


Subject Line: Come Join Us for The Healing River and Deliverance Conference!

There is a River! Everywhere the river flows, there is healing. We must recognize that the war over the healing river goes hand in hand with setting the captives free through the ministry of deliverance! Global Harvest Ministries is calling together the Body of Christ together on November 5 - 7 in Goodyear, Arizona to declare a breaking loose of The Healing River and Deliverance! This is a time to overcome the fragmentation of the soul, be healed and made whole!

Earlier this year, Chuck Pierce released the following prophetic word: "I am calling forth Rivers of Healing! Many of you have not been able to see the River. Rivers that have nourished crops and brought healing have dried up. My people must find My Healing River! I will shake up the fields! I am shaking up your field! The River is hidden. It is very deep. Deep must call to deep. The River must rise again! There must be a River of Healing in certain fields before I can move forward. You have turned toward healing. Your healing process is creating a great shaking. This shaking is tearing the walls of the vineyard. Now new vineyards must be established. The River of My power was captured in the last season. A war formed over the movement of the River, and the River became a dry bed. I must watch for the times to break the captivity of the Healing River. My Healing River must flow into new areas to heal the people and the earth."

We value prophetic revelation and trust the voice of the prophet to align our times and seasons for victory (2 Chron. 20:20). So we have great faith and expectation for this word to manifest! I will be convening The Healing River and Deliverance Conference, and have invited others with a unique gift and ministry to help break things open. This includes Doris Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Ché Ahn, Bill Sudduth and Greg Brown. Knowing that in addition to being quickened you may need new strength to contend and "flow" through new channels, we will have personal, prophetic, deliverance ministry available.

Pastor Greg Brown and Skyway Church of the West Valley will be helping host this gathering held in Goodyear, Arizona (just outside of Phoenix). We will begin on Thursday evening at 7 PM, meet all day Friday, and conclude on Saturday by noon. If you register by October 19, the discounted cost is $45/person or $80/married couple. (The standard cost is $65/person or $120/married couple.) You can register by going to or by calling (888) 965-1099. Groups of 10 or more (registering at the same time) can attend for $35 per person by calling our toll-free number. This conference will also be available over the internet for those who cannot attend in person. Click HERE to register for the webcast.

This will be a unique gathering as we focus on both healing and deliverance. The war over our wholeness lies ahead. Come join the victorious troop that God is raising up to be restored in body, soul and spirit so that we can usher in His Kingdom plans and purposes in the heavenlies, as well as on the earth.

C. Peter Wagner