Sunday, July 26, 2009

Graphic Image On A Search Listing!

Wait a minute world! You may want to vote on this matter! My sister told me that a photo of a beheaded Jack Hensley comes up on Google after you put his name in a search box. Hensley was beheaded by al-Qaeda terrorist thug Abu Musab al Zarqawi (now deceased) and his murderous goons in 2004. I mean it shows Hensley's head off his body when you simply search his name! When he was initially beheaded, my sister and I wrote a brief message offering our prayers condolences to his family. Please think of what it does to a family member to put the name of their loved one into a Google search, (or even a stranger for that matter) and see his severed head in the hands of his murderer! If I recall correctly--but not real sure on it-- I think it was the evil Zarqawi himself who actually cut his head off.

THE POINT: YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO VOTE! Don't Google his name if you do not want to see this photo--I DO NOT BLAME YOU--I DIDN'T WANT TO SEE IT EITHER...

BUT---YOU CAN VOTE as to whether you find the image offensive or not. (by selecting "confirm" or "not confirm") It's right by a row of four images related to Jack Hensley, and the first image is Jack Hensley's SEVERED head. Oh my, do we want to Google things, and without warning, and without an option to see or not to see graphic images, be subjected to such things? I will not ask you to vote, or tell you how, but I do say--think of what it does to his family--his children--to see that image, just by typing in "Jack Hensley". Also, what else is going to appear on search engine listings? My prayer is Google will remove this image from its simple search listings. One can easily find videos and this image I am sure on many sites, but for it to appear on simple search engine listings? If you decide to vote, be warned, it is one of those images you will find hard to forget--if ever.