Thursday, January 8, 2009

Electoral Maps & Election Results

I recently discovered this site-click here, some of you likely know about it—--it has an impressive layout on the United States presidential elections and indicates the electoral votes for each state. Presented is a timeline which goes back to the very first election in 1789 won by George Washington. Interesting to note--the shakier the economy during a particular election year, the greater the propensity to elect a democratic president, as with Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 who went on to serve four consecutive terms. Also interesting is to see the map of the United States change over time... it is a good source for finding quick historical facts on U.S. elections.

*Just a side note on other stuff:
Some of the latter December blog entries (and Jan 1) are completely in bold font, and with colors not displaying properly--makes it hard to adequately segment the articles. I have yet to determine the cause, but it appears it is only a problem for those using IE browsers; however the core issue seems to be stemming from Blogger. I also notice the articles under News Trust on the side panel generate a pop up window to register--you can ignore it, and X out of it; and the news story will come up without you having to register. I will likely change that widget in the future...