Thursday, July 24, 2008

Apostle No Longer Endorses Lakeland Revival

My hat is off to Robert Ricciardelli, an ICA apostle, (International Coalition of Apostles) who has come out publicly against the error seen in the Lakeland Revival. The ICA is a component organization of C. Peter Wagner, head cheese of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). I have said this before, I believe a TRUE APOSTLE or a TRUE PROPHET will see the error in this movement and come out from it. I am not endorsing Robert Ricciardelli's ministry, but I think he has made a courageous move to publicly denounce the falsities of the revival in Lakeland, and I pray he continues to see the error in this movement. He certainly saw the GROSS ERROR coming from this revival and the people running it and those behind the scenes. Would not true prophets and apostles see it? Yes.

Robert Ricciardelli comments on a blog on July 16:
"Truth is there are very few people being healed in Lakeland. I have worked with Charisma Magazine editor Lee Grady in discovering how many false reports have been released as facts. These are our brothers and sisters involved in this, but this move of God has been a move of men with God still touching some who come to seek Him."

On another blog he wrote:

"Charisma reporters and a few others like myself have tried to get these verified and cannot... We actually had offered to help, because any news of a resurrection in my opinion is world news if it can be validated. But then when the totals continued to mount which led to hype and embellishment, they began to ask us to stop asking questions. Hmmmm?

"Friday night, Todd said that God said there were 1000 people that were to give $1000, and they were to receive a 1000 fold blessing. The one hour drama on this giving subject was so deceptively evident that it was embarrasing to watch. On top of that, those that would give that money were able to come to the platform to be recognized."

He further comments on Bentley and Lakeland:
"The biggest thing about Lakeland is the lack of the fear of our Awesome God, lack of repentance and humility. Many have exchanged the truth for a lie and chosen experience over content. Angels, trances, and 3rd heaven focus has replaced the gospel is a focus... Lord do what only you can do to bring your divine alignment to all of us in Jesus name.."

"God is about nameless and faceless people who are operating without any agenda but the Lord's. Preaching about the King and His Kingdom, and moving supernaturally after Him, and as they do, signs and wonders follow. The problem in Charismania is that they seek the sign, they seek the thrill, they seek the craft supply quality gold dust, feathers and gems. They may get the chills and frills, but leave with nothing more than goose bumps and really little spiritual change. When they seek the King, the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, you begin to see transformation take place at the heart level. This is God's way and always has been... Bentley is just a product of the Charismatic/apostolic/ prophetic trending away from Plumb line truth. At the same time the fact is, none of us amount to much, no not one. But in Him and dying to self and living His agenda, we can move mountains... The church is getting there, I wrote an article for Charisma that everything that can be shaken is being shaken, and this is what is happening in a great way right now..."

I pray the Lord will continue to open the eyes of our brothers and sisters, and let us be encouraged that more will come out of the deception and have the guts to stand against greed and falsehood.