Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unwanted Vacation Time

I just wanted to inform you all that due to a fairly rare medical condition and feeling like driftwood; I will not be able to blog for a while. I will need surgery—-but still hope for a miracle. I do believe in divine healing, but I also believe God heals through doctors and medicine as well. I’d rather He heal miraculously for He will do it right, without the negative side effects (or bills for that matter). Unfortunately this condition interferes with nearly every facet of my life, and it makes typing at a keyboard at times impossible. Not to mention getting virtually no sleep. I feel like complaining so I better stop now. I will be “gone” probably two to four weeks. Yuk. I hate hospitals, and doctors make me nauseous. Anyway, I anticipate to be back soon bringing "feigned relief" to the hopelessly bored and “fodder” to the religiously tired... And if not back blogging by Thanksgiving day, to those in the states, I wish you all a great Thanksgiving holiday!