Thursday, November 20, 2008

Spared A Hospital Holiday!

My surgery has been delayed because my symptoms have virtually disappeared--hopefully for good!! I am still believing for healing, because God indeeds heal! This condition has plagued me for some years now, and one time I thought I was healed of it, but it came back and several times at that. I don't believe God does half-baked jobs, when He divinely heals, it's done! Today was the day my doctor intended to perform my surgery, so if I can avoid surgery, I will. My doctor has postponed it with observation. Then two days ago, the night I was taking an MRI a cold germ got hold of me, so I still feel under the weather...but better...Thank you for those out there who prayed for me. Your prayers are so greatly appreciated! I thank the Lord I will not spend this holiday in the hospital, with orange Jello squares and the ever open in the back hospital gown...And I can vouch that hospitals are one of the best places to get sick.