Thursday, June 5, 2008

Healing Revival In Lakeland Florida

Subject-- Great Healing Revival of Lakeland Florida.

The more I read and see about what is happening there, the more I am convinced seducing and deceptive spirits are at play. As I have often stated, I believe in supernatural healing (and it should be from God), and I have experienced miracles in my own life. Nor am I opposed to revival. However, this thing is more akin to a circus than a revival, and it sort of reminds me of business opportunity seminars conducted by the internet marketing players. I am not opposed to any real move of God, but by all indications, the Lakeland revival has been orchestrated by greedy and idolatrous people. And instead of healing, or an impartation as so fondly put; people may be traveling back with a larger party than they came with---being demonic spirits have been “released” to them. Nevertheless, God is merciful, and hopefully some really got healed; most likely before or after they arrive there simply because their eyes were on Him.

Step right up world. See people who think barking like dogs and clucking like a chickens saying “What a glorious move of God”. Wow, a glory cloud with the fragrance of BBQ…(most likely wiring from an overblown amplifier or perhaps an impartation of demonic gas from the spirit realm. ). Roll on the floor and lay prostrate, legs up in the air looking obscene like a “highway armadillo”. Cluck and flap, til your elbows knock out three people. The world looks and says “no thanks. Ah, you say, they see the healings. Do they?

Naturally these deceived ones know what to say, “To God be all the Glory…glory, glory… Yes, He is Glorious---precisely my point.

WOW…what a line up of the major prophetic and apostolic players! “God has to be moving in an awesome way,” they say “for we are all here”!!! Some may be so far gone as to say “We are a glorious manifestation of His power!” Brother so and so is here!. Sister so and so is here! Sapphire dust and Crisco oil dvds are here, and are on sale in the foyer! Outrageous. Their hands are unclean.

Psalms 24: 3-4
3 Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or who shall stand in his holy place?
4 He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.

What…do you believe such a thing could not happen? Actually, in this case, if it did happen, it was from devils, but myself, I believe the fellow was probably squeezing something in his fists. And I would not want to be him standing before the King of Kings giving account for it. And if they videotaped it (and one must ask why) would you not release such a documented miracle for the whole world to see so it would believe on Jesus Christ instead of pimping it off?

They will read this and say “jealousy” “Jezebel” “No discernment”…you know, the regular rigmarole. Why I had a dream, I had a visitation, I had a prophetic word, it was confirmed by three other deceived prophets ….

Don’t shove the voice of His Spirit aside. I honestly believe God will use this revival to reveal greed in the Church, and error in the apostolic prophetic movement. It goes without saying the ones who will refuse to look at this with a discerning eye, are so deceived, they no longer care for the Truth. It may mean giving up their roles, their ministries, or making a significant change in their ministry. There are a lot of false prophets out there, who I believe are drowning in deception. I also think there is a sector who are not so deceived, yet knowingly engage in utter falsehood. Being God He can make something good come out of this mess, and that may be bringing this issue affront to the Church.

"Gee. Do You think I can be a prophet one day even if I am not called, like some of these?"