Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fair-Weather Friends

Life can really be unpredictable. I have learned throughout my 45 years of age, that real friends will stick with you no matter what's going on in your life and be there for you when you are down in a pit. Find yourself diagnosed with a terrible disease, and you may find "friends" calling you less or not at all, visiting less, etc. ..Find yourself in debt, no money to eat at a restaurant or money to take a trip; and your "friends" may get scare really fast. Win the lottery, you may just get a new set of friends overnight! One thing is unchangeable...."There is a Friend which sticks closer than a brother...Jesus". I would rather be alone, than have five fake friends any day. I would rather one good friend then 200 marginal ones "acting" in a performance mode. What does the photo above have to do with this? Nothing. I love nature, and Fall is my favorite season!