Monday, April 14, 2008


I have noticed lately, that more and more Christians are beginning to compromise and adapt to the standards of the world. We are so afraid of seeming "not cool" or being prudish. Some women dress or act provocatively...and this should be reserved for their husbands in the privacy of their homes; not for their Myspace pages. Men also put them on their Myspace pages so they too look good themselves. (Man, he's got it going on!) These either compromise or they are just clueless about holiness because it is more than preaching it, it's living it. According to His standard, not your revised standard.

Some Christian music is churned out with no mention of Jesus in it, not even God in any form to cross over. My question is to cross over to what? Your witness is so water-downed the unbeliever listens and remains clueless. Of course, instrumentals are excluded.

We tell women to not expose too much cleavage, yet we accept this in beauty contests, fashion, and on the beaches. Compromise is what it is. You cannot walk both sides of the road. And do consider your actions may pose as a stumbling block to some man who already struggles with his flesh in that area. And some will come to struggle with their flesh in that area.

We have come to the point where a few curse words, or a partially nude scene in a movie is acceptable, and we make excuses for it. Compromise. We say "It was historically accurate so it is acceptable". We say "most movies have more cursing and are more sexually explicit than this movie." Compromising with the world is what it is! It is behaving more like the world and less resembling what God says we are to be like in His Word. Could He had been wrong? Does He need to change with the times? Did He not say "I am the Lord, I change not"?

He is Holy. Awesome. He existed long before movies, music, and fashion on this earth ever existed. To me, none of these things are worth so much that I would rather not please Him in these areas. This does not mean one cannot find a decent movie, or have to dress in some "granny sack" dress with a bun hairdo. It really comes down to whether we will make a choice to compromise or live by the standards God has set forth in His Word.

P.S. I am adding this note. I just found a very interesting debate as to whether Christians should use Myspace. Good points on both sides, however I am more inclined towards the starter of the thread, "hisway". Click Here to view this thread!