Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Power Of Audio

The following article was originally published on Mission Network News. Click on the link towards the bottom to read the story in its entirity.

Hostile village opens up to the Gospel

Mozambique (MNN) ― Over the last two years, audio Scripture players have been distributed across Mozambique. The results of handing out the small, Bible-loaded devices have been jaw-dropping.

A team of missionaries with Audio Scripture Ministries recently traveled 6,000 kilometers to chart just how significant progress has been.

Tom Dudenhofer, executive director of ASM, says the team felt compelled to revisit several areas throughout the country.

"[Two years ago], the demand had been so strong and the supply had been so small that we just felt like it was critical that we try to go back into the area and encourage some of the Christians that were there. [We wanted] to remind them that we haven't forgotten them and that we really do care about their ministries," says Dudenhofer.

ASM has heard story after story of life transformation in Mozambique, and this trip was no exception. Perhaps the most notable discovery of the recent trip was of an entire village that had rearranged its thinking on Christ.

The village had been closed toward the message of Jesus Christ. Dudenhofer says they were hostile to the message for both religious and political reasons and were unwilling to hear the Truth.

Nevertheless, ASM missionaries left an audio player in the hands of a believing couple in the area. When another villager heard the player going one day, he came in and listened with them. Soon after, he gave his life to Christ.

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