Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alert--Global Spheres, Inc!

Heads up! C. Peter Wagner and Chuck Peirce are reorganizing Global Harvest Ministries into a "different" (by that, I mean a new name) organization called, "Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI). In a letter dated July 19, 2010, Wagner urges followers to donate money to reconcile debt Global Harvest Ministries is in--around $200,000.

The usual apostolic prophetic mumbo jumbo accentuates this correspondence, "historic shift", "a changing wineskin", etc. Folks, I will continue to say this movement is in big time error. It is an idolatrous movement, filled with erroneous revelations nabbing loot here and there, and people glorifying themselves to the max! If anyone has followed this blog at length, knows by now I am a believer in miracles, tongues, divine healing, spiritual gifts and callings---by a Sovereign God who does not crank out by seed money or require help from self-ordained prophets and apostles. Extra-biblical revelations straight from the depths of Hell too often characterize the partakers of this movement. Beware!

An excerpt from the letter directly below:

"Celebrate with us. This week I have been working in Colorado Springs with Peter and Doris Wagner. We are fully making our transition from Global Harvest Ministries, ending this wineskin that has served the Body faithfully over the past 20 years, and shifting into Global Spheres for the future harvest of the earth. Please pray with us as we make this shift.

"This is a historical shift . . . few ministries make this transition. This will be a great testimony for the future as the mantle is passed and Peter and Doris begin their "Fourth Career" in a new wineskin based out of Denton. They will remain in their home in Colorado, but will work from this office at this time as they develop new networks, travel to nations, and communicate daily. I just bought a new computer so we can do teleconferencing weekly. Ruth Irons, their daughter who lives with them and assists them in their home, will serve us as our technical liaison."

One of our burning desires is to finish well. Statistics show that only 25% of Christian leaders have finished well, but we want to be in that number. When I say "finishing," I am not meaning that Doris and I are about to retire. Instead of retiring, we intend to reload! What we are finishing, however, is our Third Career and we are ready to launch energetically into our new and exciting Fourth Career. In fact, I have just written a short booklet entitled "The Fourth Career," which is going to be released soon. If you would like me to send you a copy, just drop me an email with a mailing address and I will send it to you at no charge.

Now here is the substance of my "urgent appeal," as I phrased it in the title of this communication. If you have followed this aspect of our ministry, you will know that Global Harvest has maintained an impeccable financial record. We have maintained open books and we have always done whatever has been necessary to pay our bills and to adjust our budget accordingly. Your prayers and faithful giving through the years have kept us moving and we thank you profusely.
However, as this transition to GSI approaches in just a few weeks, we have some obligations that might have been met over the long haul, but that are now pinching us severely due to time. We want to have our books cleared and in the black before we turn things over on August 31. To be specific, we need around $200,000 over and above normal income to make this happen, and we need you to help. It has been said that no one wants to give to help pay debts, and I agree that this is generally true. But really I believe that we are now looking at a special case. If you have been walking with us through the prayer movement and through the apostolic movement, if you have been with us and GHM for any part of the last 20 years, and if you believe we should have a clear springboard for our Fourth Career, please step up to the plate now and assist us by sowing the most generous amount possible into the abundant fruit that will be produced for years to come.

If you do this, we will be deeply grateful, and we will remember you for helping us to finish our Third Career well!

We love you,
Peter (and Doris) Wagner