Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Web Domain In Tact!

Hey, good news! A representative from Tucows contacted me concerning the website issue I recently posted about, and the difficulties appear to be now resolved. I could not in good conscience leave the post I wrote up after they took steps to help me get the site back. Currently, the website is up and running again! Hopefully this is the end of the "website woes" chapter.

*Update. The situation is still in the process of being resolved...I am hoping to be proved wrong by my initial post, but...It will be evident soon, if the transfer of the site is not completed. I suspected after "conversing" with the representative, others simply did not do their duties when I sought their help. If it does not go through, I will let you all know, as it will prove something was wrong afterall.

Update #2: Ok, the domain transferred, and the site survived. I still need to do some work on it, as I have rather neglected it..but thankfully, it made it through.