Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hacked Again!

I have been hacked again. Crud. This is the second time this year, and two different websites at that! Why don’t these people put their talents to better use? The first site was hacked I am convinced for the gospel message. This other site the crooks used my url and my index.php files to create a fictitious cgi-bin and online banking account in the United Kingdom. Both accounts use C-Panel as the file manager—I have to wonder if there is a security issue with C-panel. Since I just contacted this bank in the UK last night, I am reluctant to remove the contaminated files, in case they need the information.

I am still waiting for a response from them. Additionally, these buzzards created a fictitious email account, as I can tell some of the links came from emails, yet the information is useless as to who owns these accounts. In both cases the crooks used and created index.php files--- so I would advise anyone using php files on their websites to routinely screen their files under “file manager” for new php files, and cgi-bins. On to raising up my sleeves and jumping in the mud.

*Update: I changed my password, and contacted the authorities. Anyone is such a position should immediately change their password!

**The easy part is done, authorities have been contacted. And some of the urls hijacked automatically present a phishing alert. I decided to delete the files in C-Panel, but not totally trash them, this should make them inoperable yet recoverable. The awstats logs will show the urls they used, although stat analyzers only relay limited information--and these scam artists would certainly travel by proxy. Probably take a while to sort out... Hopefully no one reading this will ever have to follow these steps...